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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bullet Proof Designs Radiator Guards

If there is anything I have learned from all my years of riding, is that there is nothing worse than being stranded in the desert or mountains with a broken bike. I do whatever I can do to minimize the potential for damage to my motorcycle, and my many years of riding bikes has shown me the weak points on each motorcycle. My current Baja motorcycle, a KTM 400 XC-W, is as close to perfect as I have found, and yet there are weak point that need to be addressed before trusting it to get you home after a crash or gnarly trail.

My first focus was to protect the radiators, a vital part to any motorcycle especially when riding in Baja where the temperatures sometimes get a little “warm”. Bullet Proof Designs out of Harrison, Missouri make the finest radiator guards I have ever had the pleasure of using. At first I was worried that their non-louvered design would affect the cooling but after countless hours I have yet to see any significant difference in cooling properties from stock louvers.

When you first hold one of these guards in your hands you can immediately see the quality of machine work, which I would expect of a product made entirely in the USA. They mount up cleanly and don’t affect the tank mounts. The install took me about 20 minutes and doesn’t require removal of the radiators or even draining the coolant. It can be done with basic hand tools and only requires you to remove your seat and fuel tank, all of which can be accomplished on a KTM with a 8mm T-Handle and a pair of pliers. All necessary hardware is included in the kit.

Once the guards are mounted you can tell that it will take an act of God to bend your radiators. I have these guards on each of my motorcycles and have yet to bend a radiator. You might tweak some of the mounting hardware in a bad wreck but a few bolts are better than an entire radiator. It seems like a small investment to ensure that you will never again have to replace a bent radiator.

Bullet Proof Design’s Radiator Guards pass the Malcolm Test.

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Alexander’s Take

I have been running these guards even longer than my Dad. Fall after fall these guards stand up to whatever you have to throw at them. I should have spent a fortune on replacement radiators, instead I have replaced the mounting bolts numerous times and never bent a radiator. It is important to inspect the frame mounting hardware after a hard crash because while the radiator and guard will not bend, the hardware takes quite a beating and sometimes bends. I used these guards while racing Red Bull Romanaics, if they can stand up to that race they will be able to take whatever you can throw at them.

I have some really cool black anodized "Malcolm Smith Motorsports" guards. I really like the fact that you can get guards personalized with different logos and different anodized colors.

You really can’t argue with a company that backs all of their products with a Lifetime Warranty. Five stars!


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