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Monday, February 1, 2010

FMF Q-Stealth Silencer

My son has recently taken to wearing a t-shirt that says "I (heart) two strokes" and I couldn't agree more, the KTM 250 XC-W is my favorite bike that I currently ride. The mechanical simplicity and weight difference make it an easy choice for me when I'm loading up to go riding, and one of the only aftermarket companies still developing two stroke technology is Southern California's FMF Racing.
FMF has been in the aftermarket exhaust game since 1973 and make some of the very best two stroke exhaust systems on the planet. From their highly tuned and developed pipes to their titanium mufflers, everything is made in their Southern California factory and shows real dedication to quality.
The FMF Q-Stealth is my silencer of choice for my two stroke because of five key features:
1. Quiet: this muffler is the quietest in the FMF line up, keeps my secret trails secret and my favorite riding areas open
2. Spark Arrestor: the built in spark arrestor is USFS approved, meaning I don't get hassled by 'The Man'
3. Large Canaster Volume: more packing = less repacking and more riding
4. No power loss: my bike is quiet but it doesn't feel like I'm riding a 125
5. Light Weight: okay, so it's not as light as the Titanium 2 silencer but its a small price to pay for a quiet muffler
With riding areas being shut down every day, it is important that we all do what we can to prevent any further closures. This includes making your bike as quiet as possible, so listen to your bike next time you go riding, if you cant hear yourself think when you rev it up chances are it's too loud.
The FMF Q-Stealth Silencer is available for most two strokes and is a breeze to install. The Q-Stealth earns straight A's in 'The Malcolm Test'.
By the way.... I want one of those t-shirts...

Alexander's Take
I couldn't agree more with my dad on this. Just looking over the Q-Stealth you can see the attention to detail and dedication to quality that FMF prides themselves on. My KTM 250 XC is set up with a FMF Gnarly pipe and a FMF TurbineCore 2 silencer, I really like this configuration and the Gnarly pipe gives the bike great bottom end (but we will save that for another test). The TurbineCore 2 has similar qualities to the Q-Stealth but features a 'straight-through' design that acts as a spark arrestor but performs like an unrestricted pipe, it is only slightly louder than the Q-Stealth.


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